The beauty of having an open schedule is trying new things and dedicating time to learning new things. Yay new things! So here’s what I tried one afternoon. These were so good that I made them twice in one week. Be warned. So.good. This same method would work with green beans and zucchini. I’m going to try those next!

First things first – here’s what goes into them.

Panko bread crumbs
Parmesan cheese
Olive Oil

 To make it somewhat easier, I decided to place the flour and veg in a large bag and shake that shiz to cover them.

This is what they looked like after their flour bath.  I then dumped the flour out, and added a couple eggs to the bag, gave these beauties an egg bath in the same way I did the flour, and followed with a panko/parm bath. I didn’t bother with amounts because you can really just play this by ear. Dump this stuff in a bag and use your judgement! After you’ve given them their three coats, you get the following…

Oh.em.gee. so much tastiness in your future! Lastly, I sprayed them with olive oil to bind it together. I baked them at 400 for 20 minutes.  When they’re golden, you’ll know you’re done!

They come out crunchy, hot and salty from the parmesan cheese. I dipped them in a chipotle ranch I had in the fridge, but I think it’d go really well with a lemon aioli…..if I had the desire to go that route. Frankly, I just wanted to eat all of these.