When you’re fresh out of college you have one dream. Independence. You want to get yourself a jobby job, start your professional life, make more money than you ever have and rely as little as possible on your parental units. At 22, I certainly didn’t see myself ever returning to the nest. Oh, wait, life, you’re funny, so very funny.

So here I am, back in the nest. I realize that 1) this is not permanent, and 2) of my own choosing, but still. Being an adult in my parents realm is interesting even though it’s only been two days.

My dad came down to move me out of NYC which was super sweet. Realistically, I could have done this on my own, but it was comforting to have him come down and help me with this task.  I’m sleeping in a twin bed and since my parents are retired for all intents and purposes, they’re always around.

While watching TV with my mother on the first day, I asked what was happening in the movie. Her response was, “they’re about to make hoochie”. Oh maaaan.

I took a phone call from my college roommate and found myself in a chair of the corner of the bedroom, speaking in lower tones with the door mostly closed. I have reverted to being a teenage girl giggling on the phone with her girlfriends. I am 31 going on 13.

Fortunately, there are two coffee shops within a 20 minute walk, and this I am certain, will become my saving grace. The element I haven’t factored in is winter here – the second it starts getting inclement, walking here will become a lot less pleasant. But that’s what I get for moving north and west right before winter hits!!!

It’s amazing to me how much my life has flip flopped in six months. Literally nothing is the same as it was in April – not even my phone number. There’s also a beauty in that though, I love new adventures and the challenge of figuring it all out.

So here I go. I might be back in the nest, but hopefully not for long!!