A cereal bowl, drying coffee inside a french press, a blackberry on the floor, a discarded melon colored shirt on the couch.  A lucid image of changing attitudes.

A reflection in the window told me, ‘staying awake for the dream never works out the way you hope it will, you’ll eventually need to sleep’.

Bruises on my skin, left from miscalculations, misinterpretations.  Boarding passes from trips taken, memories fading.  Receipts from a life being purchased, a life being lived.  Chipped wine colored nail polish – once shiny, new, perfect, it only deteriorates.

A Kelly green suitcase left open, shirts, socks, pieces of a trip ready to be washed and worn once more.  A pile of mail left unopened; why bother when everything is electronic anyway?

I sat cross-legged on the couch, sideways and typed typed typed on my laptop. The time on the clock click click clicked forward without telling me. Before I knew it, another four hour conversation had floated my evening. I hit enter and watched the cursor blink.  The time popped up,  1:49 a.m. Another night, fading away.  I yawned, I closed my eyes.  Go to sleep…..go to sleep.