I’m coming home.


Home is the place where I am solitary, where I am alone.

No melancholy, only resolve.

I’m centering myself.

I’m walling the chaos that pulled me like a heavy river current.

It is separate from me.

It is not me any longer.

I’m not fighting it’s pull, I’m climbing out from its sweet tempting swirls.

Again and again I took a deep breath and submerged my head, diving deep, caressed by the sweet, soft waters, but always eventually needing to come up for air.

Air is reality, and it always jarred me to come in contact with it.

I’ve broken the surface and I’m climbing out.

I’m climbing out and leaving the waters behind.

Next time I climb in, I’ll be the captain of my own ship.

I’ll be Captain and I’ll steer my own way.

I’ll steer my own way and never get lost in the deep waters again.