Sometimes relationships just don’t work.  It’s no ones fault (is this a cop out?) but things don’t mesh, personalities don’t go and frustration builds.  

I click the links, read the blogs, see the FB page and every. single. time. I get frustrated at how everything I see grates me the wrong way.  I don’t know why I bother to look in the first place….what am I looking for?  

I read the blog and think I see myself in the posts; pointed jabs at me – posts that are offensive and rude, off-putting and plainly, not nice.  Too concerned with seeming waif-ish and coy, pixie and adorable, all the while pretending not to care; but I can see you do nothing but scream ‘love me! accept me! i’m quirky! love me! — I can’t take how you’re insecure, want to be loved and at the same time push away those who would stand by your side.

I think at a base level I’m saddened at a friendship that ended, even though it could have been avoidable.  I heard last weekend that you were telling ‘stories’ about me this past fall.  I heard this on my birthday when you never bothered to call.

So here’s my passive aggressive blog post, in following with how you like to roll — friendship, officially over.