Here is what I find interesting – that men find women so complicated and I have so many female friends that tell me that men don’t make any sense.  My male friends and relatives say that women don’t make any sense, but in my mind – we’re so easy!  I’ll respond that I just don’t get men, and they’ll all tell me, “are you kidding me? Men are so simple”.

Great.  So where does that disconnect come from?  I have had two men in the past week lay it on thick; there’s no doubt that what we’re doing is major flirtation and then, bam, nothing.  They basically disappear.  One of them, only for him to reappear a few days later and start the whole cycle again.  What the hell?  Maybe I’m just sadistic to continue this cycle with him again, but basically who doesn’t like attention from the opposite sex?

Women ARE easy.  What I’m looking for is simple.  I understand there will always be games in this, well, game, that even the act of flirtation is a game, but games for games sake just really blows.  I hate being toyed with; I feel like my head is being played with.  

If what men want is so simple, if men are, in fact, actually easy to understand, then why is this so complicated?  What I’d really like to say is: “This is what I want.  You’re what I want.”  And see where the cards fall.  Taking that thought one step farther though, I wonder if that statement takes all of the mystery and therefore fun (sweet, agonizing, painful, joyous fun) out of the whole process?

Maybe we can’t actually have any clarity to the process, maybe the element of misunderstanding and confusion will always be there because it simply has to be.