I’m realizing that perhaps my state of mind and demeanor are slightly off from the norm.  I’m happy.  A lot.  Most of the time actually.  Whenever presented with an issue, story, or a request for advice or perspective, I will always give you a positive spin or silver lining response.

My goal isn’t to bury the negative or pretend things aren’t they way they actually are but it’s a choice in how to see things in life.  I firmly believe that happiness is a choice and that dwelling on the negative only makes life more miserable.

Sure, shitty things happen.  But even in those scenarios there is something to be learned; something to be gained.  And even when bad things just ‘are’, when you think about whether or not it’s an ACTUAL problem in light of the world’s troubles….it all of the sudden isn’t one….

I realize that misery is relative.  A socialite losing her trust fund is devastating to her because she’s never had to worry about sleeping out in the cold but problems like that just don’t rank on my scale.  Show me your misery and I’ll show you something you can be grateful for.

Some people choose to focus on the bad things that happen to them, the ‘woe is me’ and Eeyore types – and I’m standing firm on the opinion that a mentality/outlook like that is their decision.

I choose to be happy and to see the positives in life.  It’s more rewarding than I could have ever imagined.