I’m surprised at my ability to surprise myself.  I think to some degree we all have certain definitions of ourselves, a certain way we see ourselves, categories we put ourselves in.  I see myself as: warm, loving, funny, supportive, giving (even at the point of sacrificing my own sanity), and a host of all things associated with butterflies and flower fields.  

Then, recently my friend Dana sent me a link to someones myspace page.  A someone she doesn’t even know, never even met.  Here’s the page:


What we’re looking at here is a girl who I’ve never met and will never meet and has just unleashed the biggest bag of crazy I’ve ever seen in my life.  The biggest. bag. of. crazy. EVER.  (back story, Dana is thinking of moving to Massachusetts and enjoys skydiving.  This girl is the ex-GF of a boy Dana is spending time with).

Now, who this girl is or why she’s “irate” (see mood on myspace page) is irrelevant to me.  What IS relevant is that she just cyber-accosted my good friend.  So, despite the fact that I define myself as being all things butterflies and nice, I immediately performed the following without thinking or pretense.

I clicked the link that reads “send message” and found myself typing the following:


It is at this point that I call Dana and tell her what I’m doing; she tells me to stop, so I do. 

I may seem all nice, and friendly, and warm and giving but I swear by all things holy, unholy, and every god man could believe in that if you cross my friends you cross me – and I WILL CUT YOU.

I guess the moral of the story is that we all have many layers – and I just discovered a layer buried beneath the warm/fuzzy one (wow, doesn’t that sound like blue cheese? ….hmm, yum) – one where I am fiercely loyal to those I love.