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I didn’t care to hide it.  I let my melancholy show and the depth of my sadness was plain on my face.  In this world we’ve created for ourselves – a world of $600 handbags that will, too, along with our bones, eventually fade to dust – I can’t help but watch these stores, these meccas of materialism, stores that drain our bank accounts but never feed our souls, and wonder what the point is.  

The striving for new, better, bigger, faster…it satisfies for the moment but is gone in a flash.  What is the point?

I don’t want temporary; I want lasting happiness, contentment, joy.  I want nothing that can be bought, only things that can be found.


‘click’ goes the magnet

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When you hug me,

Hold me – 

it’s a perfect fit to this puzzle piece body of mine.