Every new year I make not resolutions, but imagine visions for the future. I think about what I did, saw and accomplished the year before and then think of things I want to do in the coming year. These thoughts never include the things that happen to me, but rather the things I want to make happen. It’s these other things, the ones that happen to me that have impacted me the most so far in 2007.

And these things that have happened to me really equate to the people I’ve encountered. Firstly, there is my roommate. Living with someone who I can co-habitate with, enjoy the company of, and gets me – is big. Okay, so it’s not like I just happened upon her, I’ve known her since she was the tender age of 2. But being roommates is a new facet of our relationship.

Then there was the California vacation. Going on vacation can be a most benign experience. This one was the opposite. Meeting two men there has changed my outlook on things. The first made me examine how I view others, how I sometimes make snap judgements and close people out before they even get a foothold. The second has a sweet heart and demeanor. The addition of him to my life makes me smile and warms me within. True friends are hard to come by, and I know if time and space wasn’t an issue right now, we’d be thick as thieves.

And now, there’s the fourth happening. A small video I made in 2005 for some friends from graduate school is having a rippling effect in my life. I posted this video on YouTube for them in Sept. 2006 and never took it down because I thought – who would want to see it? It’s about people they don’t know, inside jokes they won’t get. But last week I received a message from someone who had seen it, someone who will also be hanging a University of Ulster diploma on their wall soon. I haven’t even physically met this person, and yet my life is different now than it was one week ago.

Life is proving to have a funny way of bringing people together. These four people have all in their own ways impacted the way I think, the way I feel, and the way I carry myself. I remember being asked by my aunt when I was 18, where did I see myself at 25? I had no clue how to answer that question, and I know for a fact I pulled an answer out of my ass.

In 10 days I’ll be turning 27 and the ebb and flow of life is still wonderful to me. Sometimes I’m coasting down the river, and sometimes I’m swimming upstream, but I’m nevertheless enjoying the ride.